Other services

Risk intelligence is a leading, trusted and reliable partner, acting with integrity and expertise to deliver a dynamic, clear and accessible end-to-end solution.

Our advisory services include both personalised ‘off the shelf’ products and fully tailored bespoke services that address client distinctive needs. 

Advisory services

Risk Intelligence provides independent, unbiased, intelligence-led advisory services to private and governmental clients. At Risk Intelligence we believe that a thorough understanding of the threats in combination with an insight into our clients’ needs enables us to produce high-quality threat and risk assessments and consulting. We strive to be a partner on matters of security and through proactive discussions and advice.

Our reports are configured to meet client specific needs and budgetary constraints. Risk Intelligence reports are compiled by experienced maritime and security experts and each report undergoes comprehensive quality reviews before delivery.

Other services

Standardised products

Risk Intelligence offers multiple products that are geared to address specific standardised needs and are tailored to the clients operation. This type of service typically includes collection of intelligence, operational and mitigation data; analysis and formulation of a report.


Bespoke products

Risk Intelligence offers a wide range of bespoke services to assist clients’ maritime security preparedness activities and to keep their employees and assets safe. Our experienced staff provide advice on how to prevent or delay threats in order to provide additional time for a proper and relevant reaction and response should a threat manifest. Such advice includes recommendations for physical counter measures, procedures, communication and drills without compromising safety or daily work routines. The services delivered to clients include reports used for decision-making, instructions and guidelines used for on-board/on-site briefings/training given to crew or management. References may be provided upon request.