22 April 2018

Ports & Terminals threat assessment

Risk Intelligence provides weekly ports & terminals threat assessments that addresses security and operations related to ports and terminals in Libya and Yemen.

The service provides weekly reports on the security and operations status of ports & terminals as well as analysis of the political and security situation.

Each report starts with an overview of all relevant ports & terminals with a short description of the operations and the security situation for each port with additional colour coding for operations and security.

In addition, special updates are published if there are major developments taking place related to political and security risk as well as if there are notable changes in the situation of ports and terminals.

Reports are distributed in PDF format by email on Tuesdays close of business day. 


The weekly Ports & Terminals threat assessment reports are priced according to the following:

Monthly subscription

Monthly subscription fee 10,000 DKK/1,350 EUR/1,850 USD 

The first subscription period invoice will include three months unless otherwise agreed. The following months are invoiced on a monthly basis. Termination is 30 days to the first in a month.

Package for all countries (12 reports)

Alternatively, we are offering the option to acquire 12 ad hoc reports as one package. Reports may be selected from any of the available countries as requested.

Package pricing 30,000 DKK/4,050 EUR/5,500 USD

The client may then request a report at any given time from the agreement (but please note that the weekly reports are published every Tuesday at COB).

In practice it will work as the following:

  • You will order a package of 12 reports
  • You will be invoiced 30,000 DKK/4,050 EUR/5,500 USD at the time of agreement.
  • Every time you request a report it will deducted from the package of 12 until these are spent. When the total of 12 is spent then you may order a new package of 12 and so forth.