22 April 2018
Presentation | 16 Mar 2015

Private Industry Perspectives on Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea

Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College

Dirk Steffen, Director Maritime Security was speaking at the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College - on "Private Industry Perspectives on Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea" 30 March 2015. 

Presentation | 07 Oct 2014

Status on the current security situation in East and West Africa


Risk Intelligence CEO Hans Tino Hansen presented on the situation of maritime security in East and West Africa on Tuesday 7 October 2014 at the "Maritime Crime and the Effects on Growth and Development in the African Region" at
Clipper House, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The main message was that West African maritime security challenges are much more complicated than in East Africa. Furthermore, that 71% of all-piracy related incidents are directly related to Nigerian crime, while even more are originating in Nigeria. Up to the elections in February 2015 there is a risk of a relatively high level of kidnap & ransom cases.

In the Horn of Africa it was believed that 2015 will look a lot like 2014 with a very low level of pirate activity, but beyond 2015 it is not known if the decrease in naval operations combined with a reduction of measures implemented by the shipping industry may result in higher levels of piracy again as the capability, intent and opportunity is still in place.

Please find the presentation in PDF below:

Executive presentation | 16 May 2013

Risk Intelligence giving executive presentation

Risk Intelligence's Nis Leerskov Mathiesen will be giving a presentation on the 8th annual Break Bulk Conference in Antwerp.

The presentation will focus on the world-wide threats to maritime businesses, with an emphasis on the Break Bulk market.

See more on the Break Bulk homepage.  

Hamburg | 04 Sep 2012

Slow steaming and security risk in the Indian Ocean High Risk Area

SMM Hamburg

Director of Consultancy Dirk Steffen gave a presentation about the impact on security from slow steaming at the Danish Marine Group Anti-Piracy conference at the SMM Exhibition 4 September 2012.

Mr. Steffen showed results from the Risk Intelligence studies on slow steaming and gave examples of ships and how their vulnerability was changed through implementation of slow steaming.

Danish Marine Group Anti-Piracy Conference

London | 21 Jun 2012

Rights of Passage - Threats to Shipping in the Middle East

The Expanding Role of Private Security

Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent, Strategic Advisor, Risk Intelligence, gave a presentation on the role of private security in securing shipping in the Middle East at the conference "Rights of Passage - Threats to Shipping in the Middle East" organised by Helen Davies Associates in London 21 June 2012.

Sir James Burnell-Nugent shared the platform with Nick Harvey MP, UK Minister for the Armed Forces, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, former British Ambassador in Saudi Arabia, and other distinguished speakers. The conference expressed continuing concerns about the use of armed guards for maritime security and discussed whether the current counter-piracy security arrangements would be fit for other forms of maritime risk.

Conference website 

Kiel | 05 Jun 2012

Selbstschutzmassnahmen bei Handelsschiffen - Erfahrungen bei der Gefahrenabwehr auf Seeschiffen

University of Kiel, Germany

Director of consultancy Dirk Steffen made a presentation to the Hochschulgruppe Sicherheitspolitik im Bundesverband Sicherheitspolitik at the University of Kiel on the effects and lessons of Best Managment Practices in use in the Indian Ocean. 

London | 18 Nov 2011

Piracy beyond Somalia: the Cotonou tanker attacks

Millennium Gloucester Hotel

Director of consultancy Dirk Steffen presented on the Cotonou/Lome/Lagos tanker attacks at the Tanker Safety Conference and described how these were part of a larger system connected to illegal bunkering.


Hamburg | 13 Jul 2011

Containing Piracy at the Horn of Africa: Effectiveness of Naval and Shipping Counter-Piracy Measures

University of Hamburg (Hiob Ludolf Centre)

The Hiob Ludolf Centre at The Afrika Institut of the University of Hamburg organised a conference on "Piracy Off Somalia: Origins, Current Dynamics and Global Ramifications" 13 July 2011.

Director of Consultancy Dirk Steffen gave a presentation about the impact that naval measures and merchant marine self-protection measures have on preventing hijackings; what works well and what does not and the prospects for defending against Somali piracy at sea.

At the same event Associate Senior Analyst Dr. Stig Jarle Hansen also gave a presentation.


Kuala Lumpur | 30 May 2011

9th ASEAN Regional Forum Inter-sessional Meeting on Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crimes

Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur

9th ASEAN Regional Forum Inter-sessional Meeting on Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crimes 30-31 May 2011. A presentation on the current situation and regional assessment will be given.

Risk Intelligence's Senior Analyst Karsten von Hoesslin will give a presentation and act as the expert delegate for the Council of Security Cooperation in Asia Pacific (CSCAP) consisting of 22 national committees of the of the Asia Pacific.

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Singapore | 25 May 2011

Piracy: Current Developments and Legal Challenges in South East Asia and off the Horn of Africa

NUS Bukit Timah Campus

The by-invitation only seminar is jointly hosted by the Centre for International Law in Singapore and Risk Intelligence. It will take place on 25 May 2011.

The seminar will give an overview of the situation off Somalia as well as in South East Asia. Following on that, the legal challenges of anti piracy operations and putting armed guards on vessels will be detailed. The presentations will be operationally focused and aimed at shipping companies.

Senior analyst Karsten von Hoesslin and Chief analyst Nis Leerskov Mathiesen will give Risk Intelligence's presentations.