23 February 2018

Government services

Risk Intelligence has a range of government and defence clients in Europe, North America and Asia.

In the field of maritime security, government organisations and agencies have demands that are at the same time similar to the private industry but also quite different and sometimes with a more in-depth and complicated scope.

Private providers of risk and security intelligence analysis can provide analytical services, which can both complement and add to existing intelligence production and risk analysis. Private organisations are often able, through their products and services, to provide indirect access to sources that are otherwise complicated to monitor due to resources or otherwise.

Private providers also may have a specialist knowledge on a specific geographical area or topic that may be difficult for state organisations to develop quickly. Here, the private provider can be consulted to assist in developing knowledge about a specific area, such as the Horn of Africa, or a specific topic, such as South East Asia piracy.

With the increased international focus and willingness to participate in anti-piracy operations off the Horn of Africa, for example, a number of navies and governmental organisations have had to develop their knowledge base efficiently and quickly in order to prepare and support their operations. 

Risk Intelligence and government contracts

Already during 2001 we provided briefings to government entities in Scandinavia. The first Risk Intelligence government and defence contracts were developed in 2005 and since then the company has increased its range of governmental clients in Europe, North America and in Asia.

Risk Intelligence started the first governmental support projects on the Horn of Africa in 2007 and has since developed working relationships with a number of navies and agencies involved in the area.

Services offered to the governmental sector are primarily bespoke solutions that are developed in cooperation with the client organisation, but may include Risk Intelligence services and solutions such as MaRisk. In some cases, MaRisk has been modified for integration with military command and control systems.

Risk Intelligence offers a range of services in this field and past services have included a wide range of bespoke products such as specialist briefings, scenario development for exercises, intelligence reports, stop gap analysis, and intelligence analysis support for ongoing operations. 

Further information

Risk Intelligence's NATO codification number is: R5867

For more information please contact Hans Tino Hansen, Managing Director & CEO.