22 April 2018


Our clients include both maritime and non-maritime organisations. Among shipping companies they range from small specialised offshore shipowners to the largest shipowners in the world with multi-segmented fleets. Our clients' fleets total more than 5,600 vessels.

Testimonials from some of Risk Intelligence's clients can be found under Testimonials as well as on the MaRisk and Strategic Insights webpages.

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Clients are based in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, Turkey, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Chile and USA. 

Shipowners and ship managers

  • shipowners
  • shipowners associations
  • ship management companies


Offshore, oil and gas

  • offshore supply and tugs
  • offshore seismic survey
  • offshore subsea construction
  • offshore drilling companies
  • oil and gas companies

    Underwriters and war risk

  • underwriters
  • war risk associations (mutual)
  • war risk insurers

    Maritime organisations

  • consulting
  • classification
  • maritime authorities
  • flag administration
  • merchant officers associations
  • marine academies and training

    Government and international organisations

  • navies
  • government ministries
  • defence departments
  • government agencies
  • international organisations
  • think tanks
  • academia